Upcoming Bands

$15 members, $25 non-members
(special events priced separately)
Visitors and new members always welcome!

Bookings: Please Text to 0419 030 595

7:30pm – 10:15pm unless otherwise stated
The Highway, cnr Anzac Hwy & Marion Rd, Plympton

Please note bands and personnel may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

21st November 2023 – Marlene Richards and the Armchair Ride

Marlene Richards – vocals
Dave McEvoy – piano
Tim Bowen – bass
Mario Marino – drums
Emile Ryjoch – saxophone
Tom Voss – trombone

28th November 2023 – Up, Up, and Aué

from 6:45pm, a youth band led by pianist Chair Anderson!

John Aué – guitar
Bonnie Grynchuk – bass, vocals
Max Grynchuk – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ciara Ferguson – piano, vocals
Sam Millar – drums
Tom Voss – trombone

5th December 2023 – John Stephens’ Traddies

John Stephens – drums
Ally Cunningham – vocals
Tony Lillywhite – piano
Paul van der Koogh (filling in for Bill Clarke) – reeds, vocals
Bill Polain – trombone, vocals
Warren Heading – trumpet, vocals
Brian Gray – bass

12th December 2023 – YOUTH AWARDS NIGHT

featuring main band: Warren’s Jazz Camarilla

Join us as we recognise some of the young talent from 2023. Presentations of our Youth Awards to some of the finest up-and-coming musicians, with the Jarvis Payne Award, the Ken Way Award, and the President’s Award!

from 6:45pm, a youth band led by the recently-married Jasmine Hall (previously known as Jasmine Ferguson) featuring recent SJC Award recipients!

Warren Heading – trumpet, vocals
Tom Pulford – alto, clarinet
Paul van der Koogh – tenor, clarinet
Alex Taylor – trombone
Jason Hammond – piano, vocals
Lyndon Gray – bass
Guy Incognito – drums

19th December 2023 – End of Year Christmas Breakup Show,
featuring Bec Watt and The Jazzy Jinglers!

Bec Watt – lead vocals
Henry Francis – bass
Yuri Markov – drums
Tom Pulford – horn
Paul van der Koogh – reeds
Jason Hammond – piano, banjo, vocals
Warren Heading – trumpet

26th December 2023 – NO JAZZ

2nd January 2024 – NO JAZZ

9th January 2024 – Shades of Goodman 2: Electric Boogaloo

Paul van der Koogh – clarinet
Solomon Young – vibraphone
Mike Bevan – guitar
Tim Bowen – bass
Kevin van der Zwaag – drums

16th January 2024 – Chris Newman **UK** & Friends

Chris Newman – piano, witticisms
Graeme Eames – trumpet/cornet
John van der Koogh – cornet/trumpet
Martin van der Koogh – trombone
Ron Flack – reeds
Ollie Clark – sousaphone
Dave Sutton – drums