Upcoming Bands

$15 members, $25 non-members
(special events priced separately)
Visitors and new members always welcome!

Bookings: Please Text to 0419 030 595

7:30pm – 10:15pm unless otherwise stated
The Highway, cnr Anzac Hwy & Marion Rd, Plympton

Please note bands and personnel may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

26th September 2023 – Paul Komninos and his Orchestra

Special Event Night: $20 members | $30 non-members | $10 students

Emile Ryjoch, Lachlan McGargill,
Declan Grogan, Nicole Molloy

Jackson Faulkner, Harrison Smith,
Triniti Canini

Will Morley, Callum Cunningham-Byrne

Violin: Jamie Jansen

Rhythm Section:
Piano: Edmund Black
Guitar: Brenton Tregloan
Bass: Paul Komninos
Drums: Max Magee

3rd October 2023 – Sister Margaret’s School for Wayward Girls Jazz Ensemble #1
Funny name, seriously good music

(plus from 6:45pm a youth band led by trumpeter Jackson Faulkner, featuring Danica Lammertsma on voice, Solomon Young on piano, Enna Rignanese on bass, and Jackson Mack on drums!)

Julian Ferraretto – violin
Jason Hammond – piano, banjo, vocals
Alana Dawes – bass
Paul van der Koogh – reeds, dodgy vocals
Sam Millar – drums
David Goodwin – trumpet

10th October 2023 – Strictly Trad

Gary Boland – trumpet
Alex Taylor – trombone
Don Armstrong – reeds
Chico Czikowski – piano
Brian Loffler – bass
Brenton Tregloan – banjo, guitar
John Stephens – drums

17th October 2023 – Bourbon Street Broadway
A selection of favourites from Broadway & West End musicals, presented in jazz!

(plus from 6:45pm a youth band led by bassist Lily Appelt)

Chris Weber – trumpet
Paul van der Koogh – reeds
Victoria Katsoulis – trombone
David Goodwin – piano
Alana Dawes – bass
Jackson Mack – drums

24th October 2023 – The Syncopaths (Victoria/South Australia)

Reg Packer – banjo
Pip Avent – tuba
Alan Richards – drums
Bill Beasley – trombone
Ron Flack – reeds
Graeme Eames – trumpet

31st October 2023 – Bill Clarke Quintet

Bill Clarke – saxophone, flute
Greg Germein – trombone, vocals
Chico Czikowski – piano, vocals
Brian Gray – bass
Bailey Hall – drums

**THURSDAY** (due to Melbourne Cup) 9th November – Bill Polain’s AllStars

14th November 2023 – Cocktail Society Six

Brenton Tregloan – banjo, guitar
Paul van der Koogh – reeds
Chris Weber – trumpet
Finn Pattinson – trombone
Lyndon Gray – bass
Dave Resce – drums

21st November 2023 – Marlene Richards and the Armchair Ride

Marlene Richards – vocals
Dave McEvoy – piano
Tim Bowen – bass
Mario Marino – drums
Emile Ryjoch – saxophone
Tom Voss – trombone

28th November 2023 – Up, Up, and Aué

John Aué – guitar
Bonnie Grynchuk – bass, vocals
Max Grynchuk – trumpet, flugelhorn
Ciara Ferguson – piano, vocals
Sam Millar – drums
Tom Voss – trombone

5th December 2023 – John Stephens’ Traddies

John Stephens – drums
Ally Cunningham – vocals
Tony Lillywhite – piano
Bill Clarke – reeds, vocals
Bill Polain – trombone, vocals
Warren Heading – trumpet, vocals
Brian Gray – bass

12th December 2023 – TBC

19th December 2023 – End of Year Christmas Breakup Show,
featuring Bec Watt and The Jazzy Jinglers!

Bec Watt – lead vocals
Henry Francis – bass
Yuri Markov – drums
Guy Incognito – horn
Paul van der Koogh – reeds
Jason Hammond – piano, banjo, vocals
Warren Heading – trumpet